Ways to Dress to Kill This Christmas Party

It’s the party again, and most women have this habit of a fused feeling of stress and excitement at the same time on what to wear. Not to mention the presents and if you’re one of those who get to decorate the office, congratulations!
Party Dress
A few tips:

1. If you don’t want to dress up like your office mates, don’t look at famous American stores or online shopping sites. Get ideas from conscious women in Asia. Here are a few that could really turn you on.
Xmas Party Dress
Right: High Quality Dress Floral Pattern
Fabric: Cotton Blend and Lace (interior)

Left: Chic Design Bat-wing Pleated Dress
Fabric: Cotton, anti-static

2. Is it a formal party or a casual one? Stand out with elegance with a hint of sexiness this season.

3. Like the blue one but seemed daring to you? Get a hip of casualness with almost similar style. Try these two.
Women Party Dress
Right: Lace Beaded Top (Blouse)
Fabric: Cotton with Lace (Decoration)
Left: Lace Cocktail Wear
Fabric: Cotton and spandex with a hint of lace

4. Other than fancy skirts, why suffer the cold out when there are a whole cute tops to be matched with leather pants or with your favorite leggings?

5. Why save the floral designs for the spring when you can wear it this season? If you get positive vibes and great compliments, wear them again on spring then.

6. Stop mimicking Hollywood, your style is the best style you can wear. It’s much better when you are more comfortable compared to how Hollywood icons’ wear them. Remember, if you want to feel good, then be yourself.

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