Three DIY Project Ideas So You Won’t Have to Throw Your Old Favorite Things

Many of us have things we are so fond of that it breaks our hearts to decide whether to give it away or just let it plainly go to the waste basket. Just like your favorite pair of shorts that just can’t seem to fit anymore and you have to battle between dieting and donating. Though we’re also still trying to figure out what to do with a good pair of shorts, some of these fashionable DIY projects might give you an idea on what to do this coming spring break.
DIY Project Ideas
1. Turn an old tote to Tetris.

You can also try to add some nice touches of your project by creating colorful beaded patterns. Sewing is just not your thing? Then, if you can’t sew it, glue it.

2. Create your own “Killer Comic Book Heels”.

Do you have a pair of heels you used to love but couldn’t wear them because they’re probably out of fashion, or simply the color doesn’t look so appealing anymore?
Does this give you a hint on how to revive your moods of wearing those shoes again?

3. Turn old jeans into comfortable home slippers.

This is for those who have intermediate skills in sewing. For girls who always rely on glue as their best friends, you can still do something like gluing the surfaces creating a denim exterior look. But if it can’t be helped, turn your old denims to something simpler like a place mat perhaps?

Hope you enjoyed some of the ideas. If you have something to share, let the readers know by posting them below.

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