Things to Find in a Woman’s Purse or Bags

Guys will never understand women. They go to work only with some ragged jeans and a shirt, with a tucked wallet somewhere at his back pocket. But being a woman is totally a different story. It’s almost nearly impossible for any woman to go out without a bag. It’s not even unusual to find a small bag, inside their bags. Well, it might sound silly but most of the time, women don’t only have interesting things stuffed inside, but they’re useful too.
Things to Find in a Woman’s Purse or Bags
So here are some pieces of stuff that almost all women have most of the time.

1. Cash (about $20) – there will always be something that ticks their fancy at whatever places they go to. They might also need it when a date turns out to be disastrous. No, not to pay for her own meals, but for taking a cab to ditch their dates.

2. Hair items – not only to look neat but it allows women to flaunt their hairs whenever and wherever the situation fits their looks.

3. Some mini Medicaid kit – from aspirin for unexpected headaches to adhesive bandages for high heeled shoes, they got it.

4. Notebook & pen – no they’re not relying too much on their smartphones, and admit it, sometimes there are just important things that are much organized, and reliably documented for reference when written on a pen and paper.

5. Compact – for makeup retouch, checking their teeth and hair, something caught in their eyes, can’t do without it.

6. Pads or tampons – for a very special emergency

7. A little snack or some mints or candies – they may be petit but they always have something

8. Lipstick or lip gloss – haven’t you wondered why women always have soft and smooth lips?

9. Lotions or moisturizers – to keep their skin supple and soft of course

10. Hand Sanitizer – not that they don’t trust those that were provided in restaurants or in every washroom, it’s just that it’s not provided in some areas that also needed the sanitation such as grocery stores, near ATM booths, and some food stalls.

Neat! Aren’t they? But guess what, you won’t find only those items. There are loads more but not listed.

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