The Beach Dress – A Fashion All-Rounder


Before each holiday is to the vexing issue of packing your suitcase. Ideas for great summer outfits, there are many, the space in the trolley, however, is severely limited. Since it comes in handy, so that the currently fashionable beach dresses are lightweight, wrinkle-free and incredibly versatile. They fit into any suitcase and thus are a real must-have for the holidays in the sun. Whether floor-length maxi dress or tunic scarce in the Sixties look – beach dresses are available for every taste, every figure and every budget.

Never travel without a beach dress

Beach dresses are available in different materials. Especially handy are lightweight polyester fabrics, because they do not wrinkle in the trunk and on vacation in the sink can be washed easily. Those who prefer elegant, selected as a full-length beach dress kaftan cuddly viscose. With animal prints or patterns in bright colors of the wearer is a dramatic performance guarantees – an ideal outfit for the cruise! Sporty ladies choose a light beach dress, which she quickly pull on her bikini on the way from beach volleyball to the holiday club. Fashion Victims love maxi dresses with floral prints. This beach dresses in hippie look can be perfectly combined to flip flops and large sunglasses. A hair band makes a fashionable outfit.

Sun protection and attractive sham

Who is on holiday in the south, from the sun can usually not get enough. But even self-confessed sun worshiper should take a break her skin occasionally. A beach dress is exactly the right outfit after tanning. It is light and airy and therefore comfortable to wear even at 40 degrees in the shade.
Every woman tries to show up on the beach at its best. But what if the time has not been sufficient before the holiday to herbeiz the perfect bikini figure starving? Then beach dresses are perfect to conceal strong thighs, a small paunch or tight calves. Also who finds his crooked knee or unattractive spider veins, can make a great figure in the beach dress and exude a confident and fashionable appearance. Meant it with all the fashion garments run so well with women, how relaxed pack your suitcase could then probably?

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