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Ways to Dress to Kill This Christmas Party

Party Dress

It’s the party again, and most women have this habit of a fused feeling of stress and excitement at the same time on what to wear. Not to mention the presents and if you’re one of those who get to…

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Stylish Treats: Skittles Dress

Skittles Dress

Okay, so this is too late to give you all that exciting, award-winning, Halloween costume news. But this is something that gives off rainbows on a usual gothic Halloween atmosphere. Don’t take it too lightly though (although simple DIY’s are…

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Dresses for Little Girls


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Lola Cowl Crepe Shift Lola Cowl Crepe Shift Dress


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Stripe Bow Back Shift Dress


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Pretty Dress Company Valentina Sweetheart Pencil Dress In Red


pretty-dress-company-valentina-sweetheart-pencil-dress-in-red-108598 When we spotted Eva Longoria wearing this red-hot number while out in Hollywood on Tuesday But don’t fret: if you’re planning on buying the pencil dress with pockets, it would look just as sexy and stylish with non-designer heels.…

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Elephant Crossing Printed Dress


Elephant Crossing Printed Dress Footwear is included in the sale also, so sort yourself out from top to bottom. Shop Trelise Cooper’s gorgeous print dresses and more with 30% off Spring and 10% off Summer pieces. This seriously frocktastic sale…

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Kate Bosworth Leather Dress Styles


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Gallus Dress Multi Storey Summer Pink Inlaid Lace Woman’s Dress


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