Stylish Treats: Skittles Dress

Okay, so this is too late to give you all that exciting, award-winning, Halloween costume news. But this is something that gives off rainbows on a usual gothic Halloween atmosphere.

Don’t take it too lightly though (although simple DIY’s are also worthy of lavish praises), because a fabulous style requires ample amount of time and creative flicking moments. Here’s a great example by British beautician, Sarah Bryan.
Skittles Dress
This Skittles Dress is made from 3,000 pieces of those fruity chews. It’s about 145 bags of candy, 180 hours of focus, and 90 tubes of glue. Don’t judge and think it’s ridiculous yet, because this dress is entered in the Guinness World Records and other local dress and beauty competitions. Aside from that, Sarah Bryan is putting her dress to auction for its proceeds to be donated to lymphoma research; this is in honor of her foster mother.

By the way, if the dress didn’t wow you enough, it comes with a matching pair of wedge sandals as a bonus treat.
Skittles Sandal
Do you think this will catch Lady Gaga’s attention? Sarah Bryan hopes so. It may not be so weird, at least it’s glamorously delicious with eye-popping colors to say the least.

Now, what have you got in mind with those raisins on your chocolate? Not as weird as what I’m thinking, I hope.

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