Romantic Floral Blouse

This girlish print is absolutely mine. Then when I * get from Sheinside this blouse here, the joy was of course huge. Made sure that there is a larger number ordered, they fit perfectly to happiness. Fix and washed in time for the sun hours of the last days, she was ready then outgoing. I turned but first the question: What do you combine this piece now?

There were then two possibilities. Either with a break in style and darker / harder colors – such a tattered pair of jeans or a leather shorts – or harmonious romantic look. On the first picture you’ve already seen it, I have decided for the latter. My typical Comfort Zone flat. As the weather for it at the moment is perfect and the color is a good match, I put on my pink midi skirt by H & M to (one you know already from this post). Initially not really convinced to 100% of this trend and with the fear that this good piece probably a closet keeper is, I wear it quite often (as often as possible just with the masses in different clothes). Nice if you will somehow unconsciously so convinced of the opposite. He like my friend Even now, although he, when I had the skirt for the first time in his hand, shaking his head in disbelief and asked me if that would not rather go with my grandma! So I do not think that Midi skirts can be worn only by the older generations.

What do you think? And there may also be such a part in your closet, from which you have first thought, it remains a wardrobe keeper and then but you still convinced of the contrary?

Floral_Blouse_1 Floral_Blouse_2 Floral_Blouse_3 Floral_Blouse_4 Floral_Blouse_5

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