Puffer Vests: Hot or Not?

When the cold season starts setting in, the usual dilemma goes for comfort vs. style. But wouldn’t it be nicer when you’ve got both? With an added bonus of a “not so pricey-price tag”, then you’ve got a very early Christmas spirit running in your veins as early as November.
puffer vests
Life vests, er, I mean puffer vests may serve as a baggy garb especially to women. However, it has always provided comfort because of its lighter material unlike any other, and the warmth it can provide without having multiple garments underneath. The good news is, it never goes out of style. Therefore, it passes comfort and style in terms of fashion.

Though this shot of Reese Witherspoon was taken two years ago, the fact that fashion is also a cycle means that when you weren’t able to flash yours that same year, you can still make it up this season.
Kate Bosworth
Not convinced with the 2012 fashion sample? Even Kate Bosworth knows puffer vests are in – last year. Walking around Main Street in Park City, Kate knows the camera loves her and her way of style. Topped with a Theory Courchevel CB Women’s Classic Puffer Vest, matched with a pair of black, J brand Zoey Triple Zip Skinny Jeans, the result? Cool, simple, chic, and very attractive look that is so fascinating to look at while strolling anywhere this fall.

So what are you going to do? Dump those puffer vests? Or find great matches for you to look chic on this cool weather?

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