Next Design Wear: 3D Printed Fashion

Once again the fashion industry has taken a huge leap in design with the convenience of technology. In the near future, this will surely become the new rage in fashion as more and more designers are now agreeing to have design patterns for the printing technology.

We’re not talking about brochures that you can print with your latest printer at home. Well for now they’re like brochures since you still need to order them. But as technology is trying to catch up with the designers’ and fashionistas’ demands, those brochures we’re talking about are likely to come to life at a touch of a button without even involving a fashion agent for your size. All you have to do is select, and print.
3D Printed Fashion
Like other technology, once this printer will become available as a household item, it comes first with an ambitious price tag. But it will be worth every penny in the name of fashion.

Impressive designs were already showcased in New York Fashion Week. A round of applause to Bradley Rothenburg, the creative genius who served as an architect in creating stunning garments made from his 3D printed fabrics, including a snowflake inspired lingerie during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that took place in Manhattan.

While the 3D textile is still a prototype, Rothenburg is already working on various aspects to enhance and develop 3D printed clothing to be readily available for a DIY on a mass scale. Isn’t that exciting?
Might as well start saving!

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