New Denim Trends – Patchwork & Destroyed Effects

No other garment has reached a major cult status, as the denim. It is the evergreen in closet and invents each new season. Your primitive inventor Levi Strauss had the traditional pants during the Gold Rush, but rather born out of necessity. From brown tarpaulin, he designed a pair of durable pants for the gold miners, because the old went through the hard work constantly broken. Thus, out of the tent the first jeans and from the solid, tough work pants of the gold diggers a real gold pieces – the currency of the blue versatility. Denim was, is and will be announced for the new season. In 2014, the jeans is no longer simple, but a textile which has become playground of the designer. Meanwhile created veritable works of art out of the blue fabric. Whether or Destroyed denim patchwork pants, the imagination knows no limits.


If the denim once declared as the favorite pair of jeans, there is hardly an outfit for which it does not fit and a day without it is hard to imagine. Therefore, the new denim designs may so old and worn look like a favorite again now. Destroyed denim show life and history. This is precisely the trend – you want to have pants with a past and a completely individual look. In special process, the aging process is already contained in the new pants. Designers explore this old models from the flea market and try to analyze exactly where and how a pair of pants “ages”.

Where the load is greatest, the pants will soon be brighter on the pockets harsh interventions and on the squat form small wrinkles from wearing. If the load is too large in some places, the fabric already very thin, so holes can develop, which can be patched up. Destroyed So sounds worse than it actually is.

Last summer, we have the “Complete Denim Look ” met in 2014 various denim fabrics and washes are even mixed in a garment . Wild and crisp the so-called patchwork denim is assembled from different denim pieces , creating a ” patched ” look. The new denim trend presents itself this season in eye-catching look to patch jeans pants, shirts and skirts . For the patchwork denim correct patches are sewn from other denim fabrics or, as in our pants Enja patch creates contrasts on the wash. How ? It’s simple: A knee patch is sewn before washing. Then the pants washed and gebleached , which gives her an individual distressed look . Now the patch is removed again . By concealing the denim fabric underneath remained dark and clean . We have a great effect, not bulky and looks great.


The new patchwork trend is incredibly versatile and can be combined with many garments. Who does not dare to style different patchwork pieces together , which can also draw to plain clothes and so does everything right . When combining jeans with jeans but it should be ensured that the materials differ in the wash or shades .

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