Neosens Spring-Summer 2014


Now they are available in stores and I could not just a pair of shoes the Spanish shoe brand shopping, but several .

In order to easily and elated to stride through the summer , to namely with some of summer shoes (shoe models of lines Molinera and Bobal ) a special processing technology have been used , which enables the production of lightweight booties , slippers and ballerinas and doing that by a low weight convince enormous flexibility and feminine appearance . Here is an excerpt from the accompanying press release for special processing technology: ” Here, the upper is sewn to the inside of lightweight , yet very stable , abrasion- resistant soles and then turned or inverted . Adhesives or other intermediate components are redundant. So all the seams of the shoe are protected on the inside and there are no unwanted bumps in the sole area . The ultra- soft , removable inner soles , the models are not only unlikely pliable and flexible but also wonderfully comfortable . To combine a particularly supple , soft leather on this issue , Neosens relies on manual work and used fine leather , the color shades are not colored but brushed exclusively in the form of nourishing wax. ”
Here are some shoe models from the line Molinera Bobal :



But even with the minor lines and Chenin ensure optimized comfort insoles for special well-being. Two phases make the material – consisting of cork and rubber – so pleasant. In the lower part of the sole, the sole mixture of high density in order to ensure stability and durability at the top of the material is soft and cuddly.
Here are two shoe models from the line minor and Chenin:



As you can see, the shoes of Neosens not only look super chic, they were also prepared in a special way. Anyway, I’m very excited about this particular eye-catchers at the bottom, and you? How do you like it the summer of models Neosens?
PS: The two shoe models in the picture at the bottom like me especially nice!



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