Mango Sweater Outfits

I do not know what it is, but I love the sweaters of mango. Recently, my third and fourth drafted and which I could buy again from this type. My other two you probably already know from various Instagram Outfit Posts (if not, see here and here). I find sweaters always go and if they still have sequins, it’s happened to me anyway. The variant with the sequins I have already in white, gray and black. At the sweater with the Paris imprint I also could not get past. If anywhere is the Eiffel Tower on it, I must have it. Not for nothing hanging in my apartment tens Pictures of Paris, which now can not see my friend.


For black sweater I’ve combined a patterned pants, which I had not for ages to. Also, I got the black bag from Zara times dug out again, they have all too rarely worn lately. The white sweater I’ve classically styled with denim and boots. So actually sees my standard outfit from the last time. The cashmere scarf by Burberry I wear currently also more often again, he is just too good to leave it in the closet.

mango-sweater-1 mango-sweater-2


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