Make Your own Tie-Dye T-Shirt


Tie-Dye comes from the English. “Tie” means “to bind” and color “dye” “”. The type of coloring is closely related to Batik, a textile dyeing, which was originally developed in Indonesia.

Tie-Dye is a dyeing technique with which you can spice up white cotton clothes quickly and easily. Especially in the 70’s you wore as a true “hippie” these self-colored clothing. Today, she is back in fashion, and so you colored you your own unique:


a white cotton T-shirt
a couple of rubber bands
Rubber gloves
a wooden spoon
a large plastic bowl or bucket
Batik colors in plastic bottles
Plastic film for covering

First you need a few arrangements for your workplace meet: Covers the scene with plastic wrap, so you can avoid accidents more color, or dyed the shirt directly to a place of calm can also be dirty.


Then you read through the instructions for the fabric dye and directed you in the dyeing afterwards. For our tie-dye batik color variant is in plastic bottles with Dosing best. These are available in hobby shops.
Now fill your bucket with warm water and puts the still white t-shirt inside. Does it only properly wet and wring it then as much as possible again, because the T-shirt should be moist, but should not be too wet. Then it spreads out flat on your work. Suppresses the stem of the wood spoon firmly in the center of the T-shirts. If the spoon now rotates, the T-shirt rolled up to the wooden handle. Rotate until you have rolled all the material together and he’s so round, like a pizza. Then carefully pull the spoon out again, and in a way that the fabric remains flat and round.

Next, you have the rubber band around the fabric. Spans a rubber around the edge of the circle, then another and another vertically horizontally around the fabric.
The t-shirt should now takes the form of look like a pizza that is divided into four pieces. The four parts are designed for four different colors. Do you have more colors, you can of course also the fabric into several pieces to share, by their simple spans several rubber bands around it. Or you use less than four colors – that’s all up to your personal taste.

For dyeing, take the first thing the lightest color, for example yellow, and distributes them to one of the four quarters of the front side of the fabric T-shirts. Then select a different color for the next quarter and on and on. The dark colors last. Now puts a paper towel on it and turns the T-shirt to. Now also colors the back exactly as the front. That is, the same color is the front and back on the same fabric areas.

tie_dye_big_10 tie_dye_big6 tie_dye_big8 tie_dye_big9

tie_dye_big_2tie_dye_big tie_dye_big_3 tie_dye_big_5

Now you have the colors as long soak as provided in the instructions, and then you can wash the T-shirt under running water, for example in the shower. If the fresh water is no longer discolored, then the T-shirt is washed thoroughly. You can wring it, remove the rubber bands and finally admiring your very own tie-dye t-shirt in all its glory. You just have to let it dry, get dressed and you mix among the people. The guarantee amazed!


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