Easy Habits to Make your Hair Grow Faster Part 1

Food contributes a lot to our skin, hair, and nail growths. But don’t get turned off yet, not here to keep reminding you of your fruits and veggies. Just going to list down a few fun things for you to do, apply, and avoid to enhance your hair’s growth.
Hair Grow Faster
1. Drink water
See! I told you it’s easy. This is for natural hydration of course. But make sure it’s at least eight glasses.

2. Carefully brush your hair and trim it once every two months
Please don’t brush it when wet, because the hair is in its most vulnerable state when wet and could easily break. Brushing doesn’t have to take all your time, just about three times a day. This is to enhance your scalp’s circulation needed for hair growth. Trimming it makes sure that your hair will get a good equal level of nutrients all throughout the ends. This is also to avoid split ends that can create a dull look.

3. Stay away from hair products containing silicon, even the popular Kerastase. They truly will make your hair shiny, but the trick there is just the coating. Once your hair strands are coated, it will seal off the natural moisture and will even clog your pores.

4. Apply conditioner once a week, and by all means, don’t apply it on your scalp. Conditioner on your scalp creates dandruff, and it’s just a smoothing chemical that shouldn’t have any business on your scalp.
Hope you already have these principles for your hair maintenance. On the next article are four more added ways to improve your hair growth.

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