DIY EM Dress


For this pretty and probably striking dress (because something now not many have  you need:

– A white dress (mine is from the H & M sale for 10.00 €)
– A bucket
– Textile color in black, red and yellow

You will then need 6 liters and at least 60 ° water. That you give into the bucket and give added the yellow fabric paint. Then it is immersed 1/3 of the dress. This must then soak for about 1 hour. Stir occasionally, or the dress move it.



Then you need a new water and give added the red fabric paint. Then you color the rest of the dress a red. Now you have to wait again for about 1 hour.

And the whole last again. New water, black fabric dye added and the upper 1/3 colorize. Approx. Wait 1 hour. When you are done, wring out the dress carefully and hang to dry. DONE!

As seen in the picture above, I then sewed a braided cord in Germany colors still around the neckline. The cords in black, red and yellow you get in the craft store. The sewing was a fucking work …… I’ll tell you, but it was worth it I think: D Looks just once or beautiful? :)


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