DIY Christmas Nail Art

Christmas tree – check, Christmas lights – check, Christmas ornaments – check, Christmas presents – listed, Christmas nail art – nail art?

For a perfect Christmas, include your nails in your decoration so you can be reminded of the Christmas spirit wherever you will go. Here are a collection of nail art tutorials with Christmas themes to try.
Nail Arts
Christmas Lights

You will need:

A base coat, white polish, two or more other polish colors for your lights, dotting tool, thread, cutting tool, and a top coat.

Apply your base coat then the white polish. Position your string or thread and try different patterns. Push the string on the sides to make sure they will stick and hold strong enough to last for days. Cut the ends of the string and with the use of your dotting tool, apply the different polish colors. Make an ovulated shape to make them look like mini Christmas light bulbs. Apply your top coat. You may also apply your top coat before putting the string, or you may apply it on the end process.

The Green and Red by Zoya
Nail colors
This nail art is very easy. However, if you’re not a fan of buying matte polish, then this can be a disadvantageous option.

You will need:

A base coat, a top coat, red and green matte velvet nail polishes by Zoya or other preferred brands.

Just apply the base coat. Then apply the red and green matte polishes in alternating patterns. Let them dry, and then apply the top coat at the edge of the nails, French tip style.

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