DIY Christmas Nail Art 2

The first two were kind of easy. Though I had a little hard time with the first one because of the string, the final result painted a “U” on my face. Well, here are some more for us to try before December ends.
Christmas Nail Art 2
Snow Christmas Tree

This one is shared to us last year, but will make a good come back this year. Especially for those who have not tried it.

What you need:

Base coat, Flash by Colorama polish or any polish without a color with sparkles in it, black polish, ink marker, star glitter, top coat.

Create a French tip with your base coat and black polish. For the finger where you will put your tree; position the glitter star on top while the polish is still wet. Let them dry. For the tree, use a permanent marker for a fast and accurate wavy tree. Then apply the glitter polish. Top coat is optional.
Christmas Stripes
Christmas Stripes

Does this remind you of classic Christmas? This art is but, will require a lot of patience in applying the gold striping tape.

What you need:

Base coat, metallic red polish, dark green polish, thin brush, gold striping tape, top coat.

Apply your base coat, and apply the metallic red polish. Do your stripes with the dark green polish using the thin brush so it won’t overlap with the red. For each boundary, line the gold striping tape and cut the edges well. Lastly, apply your top coat. For a step-by-step guide, click on the source here.

Aside from Christmas, use your polishes and experiment with other designs. The good news is after Christmas, you can still use your red polish because it’s always the trend, or you try another nail art with Valentines theme.

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