Colorful Dresses For Spring

Actually, I ‘m already a good week too late, the collection there are already a few days , but after me things like , more and more each time I see them , I want the current new Evans collection but introduce .

Cut for Evans is a collection that has been developed with design students and is amazingly trendy and bold. Especially when one considers that Evans has set in recent years increasingly on rather simple Basic parts and partly a bit too grown up for me comes along. ( You remember , I’m the pink with the hair 😉 . ) I had still wanted bold and unusual parts like the two great Beth Ditto collections ; since Cut is really a big bright spot.

Funny , though, that I at first glance already found very cool things , but checked off as ” not for me ” . The more I have seen of the stuff, so to Models and bloggers , the more I like it and now I would buy me half the collection. Look here at Instagram and Facebook soo great!
With Facebook , however, true dramas were played out , because as always on such occasions where trendy / colorful / failed / short / slim fit / etc . Things are offered for thickness , there were those who thought the thickness could not bear and it is not even advantageous , etc. All their right to their opinion , but I find it terribly arrogant to assume that this should be generally applicable. Fashion does not have to be necessarily advantageous , I wear for my part, prefer clothing that looks great as beneficial. Above all, what does that mean beneficial? Meant but is usually thinner and there is of me more than a roll of his eyes .

Colorful Dresses colorful_dress_2 colorful_dress_3 colorful_dress_4 colorful_dress_5



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