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8 Fashion Trends that will dominate 2018

Ballon sleeves

1. Ballon sleeves We’ve already seen sleeves get super-sized in 2017. This year we will see more adventurous versions – voluminous blouses that feel a little bit 19th century. Trend setters such as the First Lady of the USA Melania…

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Stylish Treats: Skittles Dress

Skittles Dress

Okay, so this is too late to give you all that exciting, award-winning, Halloween costume news. But this is something that gives off rainbows on a usual gothic Halloween atmosphere. Don’t take it too lightly though (although simple DIY’s are…

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Next Design Wear: 3D Printed Fashion

3D Printed Fashion

Once again the fashion industry has taken a huge leap in design with the convenience of technology. In the near future, this will surely become the new rage in fashion as more and more designers are now agreeing to have…

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Bodycon Dresses Were Supposed to be Over, But Are They?

Bodycon Dresses

We’ve heard the wonderful reasons why women should boycott this outfit, and it was rumored to be out of style five years ago, but is it really over? Even last 2011, a good number of celebrities have posed evidences of…

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Be the Fire that Melts the Cold

red black fall winter

Before the cold season ends, dare to be bold and wear red to be the eye-catcher from your brown to white background. The fashion runways are so full of them in various prints and styles. But the plain red color…

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Puffer Vests: Hot or Not?

puffer vests

When the cold season starts setting in, the usual dilemma goes for comfort vs. style. But wouldn’t it be nicer when you’ve got both? With an added bonus of a “not so pricey-price tag”, then you’ve got a very early…

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Kate Middleton’s top 10 surprising fashion moments


While we love the Duchess of Cambridge’s style choices, sometimes she catches us out. Here are Kate’s top 10 surprising fashion moments.   In September 2013 Kate celebrated a night away from new baby George in style, thanks to this…

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Colorful and Sexy Dresses this Summer


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Strapless Sweetheart Chiffon Simple Long Bridesmaid Dress


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Lola Cowl Crepe Shift Lola Cowl Crepe Shift Dress


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