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Three DIY Project Ideas So You Won’t Have to Throw Your Old Favorite Things

Many of us have things we are so fond of that it breaks our hearts to decide whether to give it away or just let it plainly go to the waste basket. Just like your favorite pair of shorts that…

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Trendy Patriotic 4th of July Outfit for Kids


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Patriotic 4th of July Nail Art Inspirations


July 4th is the one day a year where even the most uptight fashionistas dress in holiday stars and stripes. On everything from flip- flops to T-shirts, reds, whites and blues reign supreme. Pretty patriotic nails are the definition of…

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Men’s Shirt as a Halter Top for Ladies

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

This men’s shirt I bought at mister + lady for only EUR 9,90 and pimped to a halter-top. Fits great with jeans and since it is relatively long, the pimped T-shirt can be perfectly combined with leggings. Materials and tools…

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DIY EM Dress


For this pretty and probably striking dress (because something now not many have  you need: – A white dress (mine is from the H & M sale for 10.00 €) – A bucket – Textile color in black, red and…

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Make Your own Tie-Dye T-Shirt


Tie-Dye comes from the English. “Tie” means “to bind” and color “dye” “”. The type of coloring is closely related to Batik, a textile dyeing, which was originally developed in Indonesia. Tie-Dye is a dyeing technique with which you can…

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