Branded as One of the 25 Ugliest Models is Actually One of the Most Beautiful Super Models.

Fashion knows no boundaries; it is beyond the meaning of comfort and style, beyond the depths of role modeling and persuasive inspiration. It is not the dress a model is wearing, it is the art of nakedness the soul is emphasizing where beauty is seen through. Normal people may not see it, but the most creative and critical eye in the fashion industry is hooked with it.

Fashion is for people endowed with the gift of boldness to be different, different to be creative, creative to be exciting, exciting to be alive. In a sense, fashion is to be alive.
Melanie Gaydos
When we talk about clothes and the people who look stylish in them, these people are great models. But when we talk about someone who wore more than just the clothes, which involves the inner depths of fabric and even the inner depths of dermal layers, then we’re talking about super fashion role models.

Featuring Melanie Gaydos, one of the most beautiful fashion super models and super role models of our time, who will not only inspire us with priceless shots, but the gift of fashion: The gift of being alive.

Melanie Gaydos was diagnosed with Ectodermal dysplasia, a hereditary disorder that affects the growth of hair, teeth, nails and skin condition. But even with the hardship she had gone through and still had to go through in life, she has contributed many priceless things beyond a normal person can do.

She was featured in for an article curated by Matt Orr titled: “A Model Was Asked To Take Her Clothes Off So We Could Hear What Was Underneath”. You will witness how she doesn’t only have a glamorous body, but a mind of a writer, a heart of a philanthropist, and a spirit of a righteous warrior. Please watch the full video and tell us what you think in the comments below.


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