Bodycon Dresses Were Supposed to be Over, But Are They?

We’ve heard the wonderful reasons why women should boycott this outfit, and it was rumored to be out of style five years ago, but is it really over?

Even last 2011, a good number of celebrities have posed evidences of why women should ditch the trend, especially pointing out that women should feel more like human, not some ambitious, artificially molded TV icons.
Bodycon Dresses
Last June, bodycon dresses were once again discouraged as reality TV show popular icon, Kim K has reportedly stopped wearing the garment. This issue was triggered due to eBay’s report of 200 percent increase in sales from bandage dresses since last year. But is Kim K really ditching the outfit? Because as far as we know, she loves this outfit to the point of no bounds, even during pregnancy.

To prove this, a new article reports that she’s currently encouraging women to go commando to maximize their looks, which also mentions a lot of the bodycon dresses that she has supposedly been ditching. Not only did the dress she mentioned a lot made young women look like high-priced hookers, the new thing she’s pointing out to go commando takes out the simile “look like” and really made them become one. Not to sound like your grandma but, there’s an ultimate difference between high class fashion, and trendy fashion.

Well what do you expect from the media and its beauty pop icons? Should we get the dress or should we clean up the mess?

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