Blue Motion Collection Spring 2014

The BlueMotion collection was  so well received of Hofer since last year , it will also give back 2014 many chic fashion parts and accessories for ladies.

Blue Motion Collection Spring 2014
I was allowed to advance take a look at the collection and found the parts again very handsome and springlike . This time the colors green , coral and Navy at the center .
The nice thing about the collection: The clothes used in any combination and it is classic cardigans, colorful jeans, elegant Sweatblazer and playful skirts give back . These are available and practical accessories such as belts, scarves , bags and shoes .

Modern colors , trendy cuts , the best materials and at an affordable price – that is optimally implemented by Hofer in the current season.
Here are a few highlights of the Blue Motion Collection Spring 2014:

Fresh and funky in the spring
On the left you see a red quilted jacket for € 19,99. This is made ​​of 100 % polyamide and in 3 colors, partially available with a hood.
The blouse there to € 12.99 , which is made of 100 % cotton and will also be available in 3 colors .
The skirt in dark blue , there are around € 9,99. It consists mainly of cotton with just enough stretch and is available in 4 colors.
The belt is available in a 3 -Piece Pack in shades of gold , cayenne and Dress Blue for € 9.49 .

On the right you see a striped Sweatblazer to € 16.99 . It is made of cotton and polyester and will be available in 3 colors .
This long sleeve comes in the double pack at € 9,99. Again, there will be 4 color and cut variations.
The skirt in dark blue costs , as already mentioned € 9,99.



On the left you see a fashion shirt in the color Mist Green, which is made of 100% polyester. It will be available in 4 colors / patterns and costs € 7,99.
The jeans in Shell Pink / Peach Peal is made of 99% cotton with just enough stretch and costs € 13.99 each. Overall, it is also here 4 variations, some give with printing.

On the right you see a fashion shirt made ​​of polyester in the color Blue Dress at € 7.99. For this purpose, the model also wears a stretch skirt in the color Bright White to € 9,99.



My highlight is definitely the Sweat Blazer in Navy, as it not only very comfortable but also very chic looks with dresses or jeans. I also like the bright colors in the jeans and the cheerful towels. Now missing only the spring!

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