Beauty Regimens That Will Knock You Off of Your Feet

We’ve all heard about weird trends, weird diets, and weird things people do to be beautiful. Remember that in Cleopatra’s time, bathing in milk would not only raise every commoner’s eyebrows but will make them cringe with anger on what she does with an expensive food supply. But you know deep inside they would like to try it too.

Meanwhile, here are some beauty trends I doubt you want to try.
Yaeba Teeth
Take a tablespoonful of coconut oil every morning.

Remember the vitamin C syrup you used to take when you were a kid? Now that you’re grown up, replace it with coconut oil to boost your good oils, improve digestion, and to keep your skin rejuvenated.

Get a Vampire Facial

This one’s short-lived. Maybe because of the price, or because it needs a doctor, it uses needles and because it’s gross? Even when doctors claim that it plumps the skin by 10-15% and lasts for years, so far other than Kim K. No other popular icon has surfaced lately to have tried this regimen.

Bird Poop Facial

Taken from the excrement of an “Uguisu” bird or the Japanese Bush Warbler, this geisha facial originated from Japan and many popular icons swore by its brightening and iridescent effects. Science at its back, this bird eats caterpillars that feed on plums which in turn, you know what.

Yaeba Teeth

Japan strikes again. So much for facial treatments and dermatology. Let’s go to orthodontics, or perhaps it’s called unorthodontics? All over the world, people are getting expensive dental braces just to make their teeth straight, then suddenly a fad from Japan is breaking that code. Japanese women want their teeth crooked and/or become overcrowded just to make them look like innocent girls and a typical girl next door, and they’re paying their dentists for it. If this is one way to beat the shyness of insecure Japanese guys, so be it. At least girls with natural crooked teeth won’t have to spend on braces.

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