Be the Fire that Melts the Cold

Before the cold season ends, dare to be bold and wear red to be the eye-catcher from your brown to white background. The fashion runways are so full of them in various prints and styles. But the plain red color is what strikes the vision the most. It’s not just metaphorically hot, but it’s literally the hottest color to wear around. No wonder Kris Kringle got so famous and became the emblem for this yearly season.
red black fall winter
The cold is symbolic to water and ice, it seems that dark colors are now associated to warmth and not where the color itself comes from. Black is a nice touch giving contrast to the pureness of winter snow, but is such a depressing color. A blue is as blue as water that forms an ice, and is also giving off feelings of more blues inside. If you’ve decided to wear brown, as brown as a maple leaf, then aren’t you giving emphasis of the same depressing color? They’re all depressing.
red black fall winter fashion
Why the camouflage if this is your favorite season? Seriously, there are already a lot of people hiding from the cold, there’s no reason your fashion mood will go with the flow. Make the maple leaf-covered street your red carpet, give a proper contrast. Give off the real contrast!

Go ahead and drape yourself in red as you melt your way in this fiery, flashy and lively color.

Sensual and passionate, spark off the feminine bomb in you.

These are the elegant designs of Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, and Skaist Taylor. Aren’t they remarkable? So should you!

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