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From Homeless Hair Braider To African Fashion Queen


Mariatu Turay braided hair to survive when she was  homeless and penniless after fleeing war-torn Sierra Leone at the age of 16. Now she is prominent in London’s African community as an entrepreneur with her own fashion boutique and believes…

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Clear knee mum jeans may become fashionable but that doesn’t make it right


Jeans are usually a fairly predictable wardrobe proposition. You eventually find the shape, label and colour that usually suits you and sure, sometimes we’re overwhelmed with choice … but finally we get there and go home with a pair that…

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Isabella Springmuhl, the first fashion designer with Down syndrome, talks her budding career


Isabella Springmuhl has faced her share of obstacles, but the 19-year-old has since become the most recognized fashion designer in Guatemala. Despite being unable to finish her fashion course at a local college and the ongoing Down syndrome discrimination she…

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Are Designers Ignoring Melania? Let’s Keep Tabs


If there’s one tradition that hasn’t been uprooted in this Trump presidency, it’s the one surrounding the First Lady’s wardrobe. Most first ladies have historically laid low when it came to broadcasting strong political views, opting for subtle cues, instead.…

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Melania Trump is Fashionable


From Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States inevitably becomes a style icon—what she wears, for better or worse, sends a message, sets trends, and makes a statement. Michelle Obama made a concerted effort to…

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Michelle Obama Changed the Way You Dress

Michelle Obama wearing Alice & Olivia

Obama, who came into the White House during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, felt like a breath of fresh air on the fashion scene largely due to her affordable fashion choices—from a $34 H&M dress to a…

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Here’s why you should always wash new clothes before wearing them


Washing clothes before wearing is a rule that I follow for my baby and for myself. However, I have realised that a lot of people have no qualms about wearing new clothes without washing. Now washing clothes before buying is…

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Why handbag dogs are going out of fashion


Appearance: Small and cute, up to a point. Cute or not, I can’t believe people are still making handbags out of dogs. It’s as if 101 Dalmatians never happened. These are dogs that fit in handbags. Oh. Which breeds qualify…

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Velvet – The New Celebrity Trend

velvet dress

We all love that smooth, slippery velvet feel, especially on clothing. Velvet has been a very common material used in high society fashion, so it’s no surprise that we see celebrities and those in high society wear clothes made out…

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Celebrity Fashion – Most Memorable Oscar Dresses

HOLLYWOOD - FEBRUARY 24:  Actress Katherine Heigl attends the 80th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre on February 24, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

The Academy Awards is one of the most important and anticipated award show in the film industry. Anyone working in film dreams to get nominated and win the coveted Oscar. But as much as the night is about celebrating talented…

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