8 No-Fail Fashion Gifts to Make Your Man Happy this Christmas

Getting your man the best gifts this season can be a truly nerve-wracking experience. Not only do you need to figure out what would be most useful, you will have to check on your budget to hook something up. Good thing there are fashion items that would benefit any man – Barack Obama including – with little or no chance of not suiting up. More importantly, however, this would give you a distinct advantage, making your bucket list stress-free.
Fashion Gifts to Make Your Man Happy this Christmas
#8: Reversible leather belts
Reversible leather belts
For its functionality and classiness, it’s hard to beat a reversible leather belt. Giving your fashion sense a choice of a brown side or a black side for instance. Along with its polished square buckle. In a way, you could be hitting two birds in one stone here as the belt would complement his spotless office wear and still get into the beat with a more upbeat apparel.

Men who are constantly on the move will appreciate this wonderful innovation. And will love you more for it! (Just don’t forget to get his waist size right.)

#7: Cologne
Sure, this is tricky business. But getting a man away from the fragrance decline can be very stimulating indeed. If you want to stay on the safe side, Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme Libre could be fit your needs to a T. This concoction has generated so much buzz and rave reviews from both sides of the fence, men and women alike. The best thing’s this one will not break the bank.

#6: Shaving brush
Shaving brush
Upgrade his bathroom like no other. The shaving brush will make his shaving routine less of a routine and more of a joyride. Just bear in mind that when it comes to choosing your shaving brush, the best products are those made of badger hair and may come out a little costlier than most.

#5: Umbrella
Here’s one that may not be something a guy would actually go shopping for. Only in times of need. Think of it this way: In a storm, having a good umbrella is the game-changer. Set aside your doubts and apprehension and buy him a quality high-end umbrella. The one from Tumi is timely. A push of the button and voila, your get a 47” wind-resistant shelter that protects him and his most fave companion away from the torments of a nasty storm. Another push and he can as easily tuck away the umbrella into his messenger bag.

#4: Cashmere scarf
Cashmere scarf
A scarf comes only in one-size and that’s what makes them a gift that’s both practical and stylish at the same time. However, don’t just pick just about any scarf as there are two basic rules when zeroing in on your gift item. For starters, shun the acrylic fabric. You need not break the bank but you should look into wool or cashmere for best results. And lastly, do not be fooled into believing those flashy colors or patterns should cut it. A more subdued, neutral color like gray should turn your gift into an amazing treat.

#3: Leather gloves
Leather gloves
Yup, just like your umbrella, gloves are hardly a man’s main concern when shopping. But it’s functionality can never be overemphasized. Make sure you offer something trendy and chic like that brown leather giving him a seriously-posh look while leaving his hands warm and free from unneeded spicks and specks.

#2: Trench coat
Trench coat
No, this is not the coat Sly Stallone wears. It’s an extremely stylish gift that any man worth his salt will value for decades. That is why there is certainly no beating one chosen right. Notice the removable belt and epaulette that should adorn your man like he was a model straight from the HQ of Nike.

#1: Leather messenger bag
Leather messenger bag
There is no denying it. Whether a career professional or a budding student, every man needs a trendy way to organize his stuff while on the go. For those whose life are centered on tech, turning this into a laptop bag is most timely. Testament that functionality and style can be best of friends this season.

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