5 Key Tips to Keep You Looking Your Party Best this Season

There may never be a season in the whole year as festive and as party-filled as Christmas time. But as you go through all the frolicking and the fun, all the late-nights and partying can certainly take a toll on your outward appearance. And keeping yourself in good shape and in your party best can be an uphill climb like no other.
Tips to Keep You Looking Your Party Best this Season
As the case usually is, lack of beauty sleep can drastically lower your energy – not to mention your patience. Added to this, your overall energy expenditure can give you all those “time of your life” moments but can leave your eyes tired and puffy too. What’s worse is you’d be seeing your very own image in the mirror complete with black circles around the eyes which could go even to the point of red swollen. Compound that with a dull-looking skin and you are in full circle of how bad too much partying can be.

It is for this very reason that we’d like you to explore 5 key tips how you can get your partying to the max and yet continue to be at your fabulous best:

#5: Go slow on the alcohol and the caffeine.
Go slow on the alcohol and the caffeine.
We did not say ditch the booze as that might be an overkill but a little moderation should be most advisable. Note that both alcohol and caffeine are largely dehydrating and so if you do not want your skin to end up like those raisins you so love putting a limit to your in-take is timely.

Drinking in moderation will keep you away from those notoriously-harrowing experience of a hangover the next morning. To this end, employing a glass of water between cocktails is also wise as it can keep your body and skin hydrated. Adding to your woes, alcohol has an extremely-high sugar content which in the end speed up the aging process.

#4: Kick the butt.
Kick the butt.
If you are already into the habit, here’s news to you: nicotine in cigarettes work to reduce blood supply to your skin. The end result? Oxygen and needed nutrients are lessened leaving you a dull and lifeless skin as you go along. Thus, keeping you nicotine intake at its utmost minimum can be most beneficial.

#3: Eat healthy.
Eat healthy.
Parties always come with a selection of food. In this regard, choosing well for your health can pay off big time. For instance, munch on that salad and nuts (but away from the salted ones) and match it with your needed proteins (e.g., chicken, pork, fish). Remember that fruits and vegetables are your best friends as they have a protective effect to your skin. In hindsight, stay away from too salty or too sweet foods as too much salt in your food can bring puffiness to your eyes and too much sugar encourages body weight build-up and skin aging.

#2: Follow a skin-care routine.
Follow a skin-care routine.
This may become a tall order especially when you go home all tired and groggy. But its benefits can never be overemphasized. Your night-time routine before you hit the sack and after your late-night partying can replenish your skin like no other. That is why the use of moisturizers and anti-aging should be a must. It is during sleep that your skin is healing itself and giving it needed nutrients can go a long way to a more radiant you in the morning.

#1: Ditch the alarm and sleep tight.
Ditch the alarm and sleep tight.
As much as possible you should gun for a 6-8 sleep routine – without interruptions. However, that may not be a possibility due to heavy work and family commitments the season will give you. You can utilize afternoon naps to get your energy boosted mid-day through your work. Bear in mind that your energy level greatly affects your over-all appearance – not to mention temperament.

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