10 Wearable Tech from CES 2015 to Add Function to Your Fashion

With all the astonishing technology wearable tech has become, it would come as no surprise that 2015 may go down in history as the year wearables hit mainstream. And this has gone beyond fitness tracking. With companies like Withings and Nod, you get added power in areas you never thought possible – from control of your smart devices at home to giving you a more thorough report on your sleep patterns.
CES 2015
In time, putting these devices to mix and match with your fashion may not be just be a question of want but largely of need. And chances are, you could be wearing one of these before 2015 ends.

#9: Fitlinxx Ampstrip
Over the years, a slew of wearables have been paraded before making the market more competitive. Not that anyone is complaining as this has forced companies to give their creations their best shot. One company that has certainly gathered a lot of attention is FitLinxx which is responsible for showing the public a fitness tracker with an accurate heart-rate monitor. Dubbed the Amp Strip, the device just does not get in the way as unlike the usual watch or necklace, this one just need to be applied to your chest like an everyday band-aid. Completely automatic, the device requires no user input whatsoever. It’s simple. But don’t count this one as simplistic. Equipped with an onboard memory, this one syncs automatically with your smart phone when in close proximity.

The Amp Strip is still in its initial stages of massive production so if you would like to grab one for yourself you can drop a visit at Indiegogo and pre-order it at $119.

#8: Fitbit Surge
Fitbit Surge
Already a frontrunner in the wearable technology market, Fitbit has certainly turned a lot of heads this year pushing three new models of their ever-popular fitness tracker. And the most impressive of the lot is the Fitbit Surge, giving you such useful functionality as GPS, optical heart monitor, altimeter combined with smartwatch syncability.

What this means is added convenience for you. You will be able to receive not only text but also call notifications on the designated touchscreen display. Added to this, you can control music playback and maximize on the silent alarm which would vibrate on your wrist to wake you up. Should you be gunning for it, FitBit Surge is up for grabs at $249.

#7: Mio Fuse
Mio Fuse
You’d be surprised at how accurate the optical heart rate monitor the Mio Fuse offers. What makes it even more impressive is you won’t need any chest band to get the job done. Plus you get the usual stuff most fitness wearables sport (e.g., step counting, sleep tracking, calorie counting) and more as the device ups the ante and tracks your heart rate all day long giving you a more accurate calorie counter than most in the market. Shed $149 and you’ll get yourself a Fuse.

#6: Garmin VivoActive
Garmin VivoActive
It’s hard not to be pleased with Garmin. To note, they did a nifty transformation letting go of a product category where there business was a leader in to once again be in the forefront of the competition in a totally different field and still succeed. And you can’t talk wearable without bumping into Garmin one way or the other. For starters, their initial offerings – Vivofit and Vivosmart – have caught on. Add their new flagship smartwatch Garmin Vivoactive and you have yourself a company of winners.

Slender and sleek, this watch is armed to the hilt. Throw in GPS tracking with phone notification functionality and roll it with a battery life that reportedly lasts up to 3 weeks in watch/activity tracking mode and you’ve got yourself one serious contender for a most in-demand wearable for 2015. Up for grabs at $249.

#5: Basis Peak
Basis Peak
Since it joined the fray, Basis has shown it is a class of its own packing comprehensive fitness tracking features in its wearable offerings. Aimed to please even the most hardcore of fitness enthusiasts, their newest offering called the Basis Peak has climbed even a notch higher giving such remarkable features as activity detection, heart rate and even skin temperature readings. To top all that you get a swappable band plus waterproofing that is slated to go up to 50m. Put in the basics of smartwatch functionality (i.e., call and text notifications) and you have yourself what could be the top choice for cyclists and runners alike. Availabe at $199.

#4: Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker
Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker
Don’t look now, but I believe your fave pooch deserve the attention too.

And seriously, its functionality could be life-saving for your dog too. Attach Tagg to your dog’s collar and you got yourself a ready-made pet tracker. With a little configuring you can set up a geo-fence for your dog which should give you an immediate alert the moment your hairy friend goes out of bounds. And with GPS tracking you won’t have to go around the neighborhood putting up help-find posters as you can just simply go to its very location. Neat. Interested, just drop by at their website and preorder. You may be lucky and avail of the $20 discount of the $99 price.

#3: Gymwatch
For a moment there you might think this is your usual run-of-the-mill activity tracker. Think again. Sans the usual step counter, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring and you got yourself Gymwatch. In full display of its prowess at CES, Gymwatch is a beauty packed with a punch.

This one lives up to its name and give you accurate information about many of those exercises that has become routine for you. Classic example: weight-lifting. With its sensor detecting not only your reps but also range of motion, strength, muscle load and putting it further even detect when you are severely wanting in form. You are certainly bound to be a gym beast in no time. Just be ready to shed some cold cash as this one starts at $199 for one sensor but double to $389 for two sensors. Two sensors, of course, track more.

#2: Nod
If you have cast doubts about the relevancy of gesture control in the tech world, Nod should settle if – with finality. With all the sophistication that the technology has been getting you’d wonder why you have not jump at the bandwagon sooner. Imagine being able to control your home’s lighting with a wave of just gestures or the volume of the stereo or the temperature in the room. And even control your Windows, OSX, iOS or Android device. Ain’t that cool?

With this advances, gesture technology has certainly come of age, though not yet at par with touch. But where touching your devices may be next to impossible, Nod is most definitely here to stay – and wow us in 2015.

#1: WithingsActivite Pop
WithingsActivite Pop
Now, if you talk about fashion meets function you may as well talk about Activite, the beautiful Swiss designed watch by Withings. Unlike many wearables that forego the basics of what’s fab and focus on work, this one looks as beautiful as beautiful can get. You won’t even know that inside the beauty lies activity tracking sensors and all those things you need your tech wearable for.

Of course, it helped that this one is Swiss designed and the good news is the price which was pegged at $450 in its initial offering is now much more reasonable at $149. Now that’s one way to start your year right. Right?

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