10 Great Apps for Fashionistas

Like most everything today, smartphones and tablets play a vital role in your search for the style that’s best for you. Whether you like it or not, apps have proliferated so profusely that not maximizing on them may leave you largely disadvantaged.
Great Apps for Fashionistas
For instance, why sweat it if you can just buy it online, right? Of course, nothing beats the feel and the excitement that comes when you go through racks racks of clothes in your fave department store. Still, here are 10 apps that should give your fashionista experience a drastic overhaul:

#10: Whisp

Well, who ever said messaging apps can’t satisfy one’s fashion needs hasn’t seen the workings of Whisp . Of course, messaging apps have caught on ever since WhatsApp’s monumental $19 billion acquisition. But Whisp is designed solely with fashion in mind. And the good thing’s this one’s not only web-based it is also available for your iconic iPad.
You won’t be disappointed with this app’s beautiful interface. But what really caught our attention is the ability to drag and drop your choice of fashion products into a chat window for all your inner circle to dissect. With such a feature getting your BFF’s honest opinion is faster that you think. Plus, Whisp seamlessly integrates with Facebook, making it a cinch for any of your fashionista friends to message you without having to download the app.

#9: ASAP54

Google may be the most powerful search engine in the world today but when you are searching for your fave shoes with color, style and texture in mind, you will be doing yourself a favor if you utilize ASAP54. With its reverse photo search for all the fashion items you’ve been wanting to see, this app is heaven-sent.

You may also try taking photos of the clothes people you hardly know wear in public. But if you want things to be a little more discreet, bear in mind that any photo found online is game.

The notion is spreading like wildfire and Style Eyes has a similar app for European brands. Not to be outdone, Slyce is also making the most of the technology for retailers to take advantage.

#8: Pose

Here’s a twist: Pose is most definitely a weather app fortified with the very reason why we bother checking the weather – to zero in on what to wear. Getting a fix on your location, Pose gives you your local weather forecast and with it, photos and suggestions on what best to wear for the day. And should you be wanting a more work-oriented attire, just narrow down your selection and Pose will adjust its results.
The good thing’s Pose is compatible for both iOS and Android devices.

#7-#5: Poshmark, Bib + Tuck, Tradesy

A worst-case scenario for any true blue fashionista is to find out that the great fashion find that you brought home doesn’t fit just quite right. Or doesn’t match any of your current wardrobe. Chances are, the poor thing would be sitting in the lonely end of your closet. Good thing you have these apps.
Poshmark, Bib + Tuck, Tradesy
Poshmark is specifically designed to help you with that scenario. A website and a mobile app is resale catering to fashion and more – you can actually add several pictures with each item, complete with all the details (e.g., size, color, brand). And the sales process gets a lot easier when other users repost your item or comment on it. And you could use a little bit of imagination too to style your item. Of course, Poshmark gets a bit of cut for the sale (i.e., about 20% on sales above $15). App’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

Now if you want to be a little bit more classy, you may find Bib + Tuck the platform that fits you just right. Accepting only select brands, there is a common understanding that this site will give you only products of higher quality – as they are from premium brands. And in this universe you will have to purchase the app’s virtual currency to transact. Available only for iOS.

And if you want to carry the notch higher, you go for Tradesy as they encourage commerce of premium items with their guarantee of authencity – truly a far cry from the early ripoffs on ecommerce giant Ebay. For its part, Lollipuff also give you a guarantee of authenticity for a slew of fashion brands. If you’re wanting to grab some solid wedding dresses, Tradesy should be your cup of tea.

#4: Covet

Now, here’s another good catch – especially if you’ve got tons and tons of time and you’d want to get some good deals. Covet will fit perfectly to a T. From the onset, you will be asked to vote on a slew of styles as part of the signing-up process. This earns you tickets but it doesn’t stop there as you can earn cash by entering into contests. Once you have enough in-app cash you can then proceed to do some shopping on the site and get to “buy” your desired fashionable items from dresses down to handbags. And if your closet has already been made, you can then get your stylish nature out and enter into bigger contests such as Opening Night of a Broadway. Cool!
And the app’s good for both iOS and Android devices.

#3 – #2: Stylebook, Closet+

Ever been wanting a fab dress on display at a store and yet is unsure of the shoes to match, the you should give virtual closet a try. That is what Stylebook for iOS is all about though you may have to shed $3.99 to get your mixing and matching going. Of course, this is a great help when you want to get your shopping just about right.
On the same note, Closet+gives you a similar outlet, allowing you to upload pictures of apparel you own and the good news is it won’t cost you a cent on iOS. For Android fans, Mix Me should do the job.

#1: The Hunt

Have you spotted an ever so gorgeous outfit you want one for yourself but don’t know where to buy one? Well, stop the fuss as The Hunt is here, dubbed the “cure for outfit envy.” Unlike ASAP54 which does a reverse photo search for items of similar color or texture to your targeted original, this one is designed the exact match of whatever bevy of fashion that has caught your fancy.

Available on iOS, you can grab the chance to have other users help you find the item on sale. Added to that you can also follow a particular item that piques your interest like no other. And you can get to interact with throngs and throngs of fashionistas like you. So you get to make your hunt a lot easier, faster!

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